Project opportunities



As a participant of LEAD like a Girl we are giving you the opportunity to enter on a drawing for one of 4 IPads. All you have to do is create a project around the four pillars of the LLG initiative that captures the mission/vision and instills one the concepts of Leadership, Education, Advocacy and Development.  We encourage you to work as a team with the other participants of your school so that you can all be entered in the drawing! The following are some of the projects you may want to consider to do.


Leadership: You and your school could work on establishing a LLG chapter and create a meeting schedule for the school year.  Again, this serves as not only an incentive to see and spend time together, but also a way to deepen the support for each other and hopefully a way for to recommend others for program participation.


Education: You could work on putting together a presentation about LLG and your school participants’ experience with the summit. You can highlight what you learned and what you felt was most important.  You could then present this information to a group (club or class) a yourr school and report back your experiences doing this.


Advocacy:  You and your team could choose an issue or topic discussed during the summit to expand upon and create an information sheet you can share with your peers at school.  For example, if youy choose to expand the discussion about cyber bullying, you could create a fact sheet of what it is, how it affects you and others at school and what resources are available to for help then report back your experience.


Development:  You could create a short survey on where you are and where you need to be in your academic and career development.  Are you prepared to take the next steps in these process and if not, what you should be doing.  You can then ask classmates to take the survey and they can share the results with the lager LLG group.


These are just some ideas!! You can create your own project and submit it to  AFTER 04/1/2020 . We look forward to hearing how LEAD like a Girl inspired you to LEAD!